CEO’s Get Richer While Everyone Else Starves

Ever wonder how much some of these big box CEO’s retirement funds look like? Guess no more. However, I must warn you these numbers can be quite gaudy so try not to get too pissed off.

According to a new report, 100 CEO’s have collective retirement funds worth an estimated 4.7 billion dollars.

In fact, the retirement plans for those 100 CEO’s are large enough to generate an average $253,088 in monthly retirement payments for the rest of their lives, the report said. When comparing their retirement funds to entire races of all American citizens studied have showed the CEO’s retirement funds equal to the ENTIRE retirement savings of 44% of white working class households, 59% of African-American families, 75% of Latino families and 44% of female-headed households, the Institute found.

“White working class families, families of color, and female-headed households share common worries about whether they’ll be able to afford to retire and whether their golden years will be tarnished by financial stress,” said the report, entitled A Tale of Two Retirements. “Our country’s real retirement divide is between those at the top of corporate America and nearly all the rest of us.”

And I know what the greedy side of all of us can think, but what about those of us who want to make the world a better place. We need to bring awareness to the true reason why the world is in a constant state of poverty, debt, and regression. Schools can’t even afford to buy basic school supplies for our children. We cant even care of our veterans when they come back from wars that are created by these corporates in the first place, but we pay the CEO’s of these companies like they were gods.

Who needs this much money and do they truly deserve it? Can they really contribute to the success of the company that much more in comparison to everyone else. From a philosophical standpoint we must agree that change is necessary. No longer can we wait to take a stand. All I am saying is there has to be a better way, a fairer way to distribute the wealth that these companies create in revenue from the hard work and sweat of there employees.

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